Monthly Japanese Industry and Policy News April 2023

Topics covered on the April 2023 issue:

・This was compiled by Weekly Japanese Industrial and Policy News.

Legislation and Policy News
-    METI releases roadmap for transition finance in automobile sector summary
-    Hydrogen supply, 6 times to 12 million tons in 40 years for decarbonization
-    IAEA publishes results of safety review of ALPS-treated water
-    G7 environment ministers' meeting closes, agreement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50% in automobile sector
-    WTO judges India's measures to raise tariffs on ICT products to be in breach of agreement
-    Closing of the G7 Foreign Ministers' Meeting
-    International standard for drone traffic management system issued
-    Start of heatstroke warning alert operation, when heat index is 33 or higher

Survey and Business Data
-    Fiscal 2021 greenhouse gas emissions increase for the first time in four years 
-    Japan's population will fall below 100 million in 2056, and will decrease by 30% to 87 million in 2070

Company & Organization News
-    NEC establishes subsidiary in Europe for global growth in drug discovery business
-    Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association reaffirms direction with automakers' associations to achieve CN by 2050
-    New electric power Octopus UK invests in Japanese renewable energy company
-    Idemitsu concludes MOU with HIF to build “Synthetic Fuel” supply network for renewable hydrogen and CO2
-    Sumitomo Corporation and others start construction of 500MW offshore wind farm in France
-    NEDO Releases "Ocean Wind Condition Observation Guidebook"                                                                                                                                              -    Developing a turquoise hydrogen production base in central Japan by collaborating with Australia's Hazer
-    Japan Radio develops "6-axis vibration correction device with bridge" for offshore wind power generation facilities, to be launched in 2024
-    JR West develops fuel cell trains, establishing bases for hydrogen supply and transportation at stations
-    Idemitsu to produce clean hydrogen from waste
-    JOGMEC to collaborate with Indonesian state-owned company on CCS and hydrogen production
-    JGC implements “Fry to Fly” project, used cooking oil utilization project to expand SAF
-    “Possibility of melting of the East Antarctic ice sheet due to global warming'' AIST warns against the risk of rising sea levels
-    First private moon landing failure
-    Toyota's global sales in FY 2022 reach record high of 9.6 million units
-    PwC Japan survey shows decline in number of patent applications for renewable energy in Japan

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