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The EU-Japan Centre’s office in Tokyo is regularly publishing "Industry and Policy News”. By screening various Japanese language sources of potential interest, including newly released policy documents, surveys, and official statements, this newsletter aims to provide information in the context of EU-Japan industrial cooperation. The topics of the May 2023 issue are as follows.

The Centre is also publishing on a weekly basis. The weekly releases are available on the following website with a new issue every Friday                                                                                                    

This news was compiled by “Weekly Japanese Industry and Policy News”.

Legislation and Policy News
-    G7 Digital and Technology Ministers' Meeting Held
-    Nishimura, METI Minister and Pannier-Runacher, Minister of Energy Transition of France sign joint statement on nuclear energy cooperation
-    METI names initiatives related to data integration “Ouranos Ecosystem”
-    NATO may set up liaison office in Tokyo
-    G7 Finance ministers and central bank governors meeting concludes
-    Commercialization of e-fuel in the first half of the 2030s, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry ahead of schedule
-    METI introduces new regulations on Toys
-    Prime Minister Kishida holds talks with executives of seven major semiconductor companies of the United States, Taiwan, and South Korea
-    G7 summit concluded
-    G7 Hiroshima Summit Leaders’ Communiqué announced on the day before the final day
-    UK-Japan partnership agreements issued in renewable energy and semiconductor fields
-    METI implements export restrictions on semiconductor manufacturing equipment, etc.
-    APEC trade ministers suspended joint statement
-    METI Minister holds ministerial meeting of Japan-U.S. Commercial and Industrial Partnership (JUCIP) with U.S. Secretary of Commerce
-    IPEF Ministerial Meeting held
-    METI sets investment standards for securing resources
-    Japanese government joins High Ambition Coalition (HAC) to combat plastic pollution
-    Stablecoin in Japan to be issued within the year
-    GX Power Supply Act enacted to enable nuclear power plants to operate for more than 60 years
-    IAEA reports comparison of analyzes of ALPS-treated water by institution

Survey and Business Data
-    Ammonia co-firing will spread pollution, Finnish private research institute estimates
-    University-originated start-up companies increased by 477 year-on-year
-    Industry organization targets 30% of electricity in 2050 from wind power
-    Patent information analysis indicates Japan’s strong presence in the field of Green Transformation Technologies

Company & Organization News
-    Mitsubishi Corporation, a joint venture with a Swiss company to buy and sell CO2 emission allowances
-    MHI concludes comprehensive license agreement for CO2 recovery technology with Italian company
-    Mitsubishi Corporation launches Japan's largest decarbonization fund
-    Belgian semiconductor imec establishes base in Japan
-    UK Actis establishes renewable energy company “Nozomi Energy” in Japan
-    NTT establishes new company for commercialization of NTT "IOWN", aiming to acquire global standard for 6G
-    Marubeni launches sales of low-carbon-emission methanol 
-    Kubota and NIES start joint research to build a waste resource recycling system
-    Hydrogen engine startup partners with Israeli company
-    Honda to enter F1 for the fifth time, with Aston Martin from 2026
-    SoftBank and NVIDIA collaborate on data center construction
-    Aichi Prefecture governmental agency develops turquoise hydrogen production technology by direct decomposition of methane

Other Topics
-    "Fugaku" ranked second for the third consecutive period, supercomputer world ranking
-    Small ammonia synthesis facility installs in Ukraine renewable energy project
-    Toyota liquid hydrogen engine car completes 24-hour race
-    IBM, Google, etc. contribute JP¥29 billion to universities in Japan and the United States in the field of semiconductors and quantum computers

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