Japanese Industry and Policy News November - December 2021

November - December, 2021

Legislation and Policy News

    Mitsubishi Corporation / Chubu Electric Power Coalition wins bid, all three locations in Akita & Chiba Offshore wind power generation
    2022 growth rate revised upward to 3.2%, Government economic outlook
    Assists up to JP\ 800,000 for EVs, JP\ 500,000 for micro EVs, etc. support for purchasing EVs and infrastructure development
    International shipping GHG reduction target, revised in 2023 to "more ambitious setting"

Company & Organization News

    Toshiba develops world's most efficient transmissive Cu2O solar cell, power generation efficiency is 8.4%
    Itochu acquires a British waste tire remanufacturing company to promote rubber and tire sustainability
    Toshiba develops "electricity market trading strategy AI" for re-energy aggregator
    Toyota to sell 3.5 million EVs worldwide in 2030
    No need for rare metals, light bulb emission with "wooden battery"
    Amazing technology to recover high-purity lithium from waste batteries, less than half the import price
    GE Hitachi receives an order for "small nuclear reactor" in Canada
    Marubeni introduces solar power generation in Ajinomoto, Vietnam with PPA model

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