August 18


March 17


A unique opportunity for EU companies to host Japanese S&T university students as interns for R&D   APPLICATION DEADLINE:  23 SEPTEMBER 2021 INTERNSHIP PERIOD:  18 AUGUST 2022 --> 17 MARCH 2023   (NB: Internship period is different for France and Germany, due to national law. Starting date for France and Germany is 19 SEPTEMBER 2022) Companies  from eastern and Baltic countries are…

September 22


The export process starts with market research: EU exporters should research to know about Japanese market, their products for Japanese market, and Japanese consumers to target. Based on findings from market research, EU exporters then identify target market, set marketing position, and develop marketing strategies. According to the target, positioning and strategies, EU exporters search for a suitable partner.

September 21


The webinar targets start-ups with innovative biotech-related products or services that look for funding from Japanese medical, agricultural, chemical or environmental industries.

September 16


This webinar will cover whether foreign enterprises that provide online services/products to Japanese consumers are liable for Japanese taxes as well as some tips that will help them reduce the tax risk.

September 15


Overview of the export process which EU exporters should be actively involved throughout. Key for business success is in cooperation with Japanese importers/buyers in order to establish a long-lasting business relationship. The process starts from exporter’s home country, to shipment of goods, to Japan Custom clearance, and ends at retail markets in Japan.

September 14


This webinar presents a series of tools and techniques for perfecting ways of navigating virtual communication and interaction with Japanese partners. At any stage in a business relationship and whatever the precise business format both European and Japanese companies will benefit from those insights into Japanese strategic and tactical thinking.

September 09


Latest agenda updates available on the SPIPA website (CLICK) Power generation, transport and heavy industries are the sectors that contribute the most to global emissions of greenhouse gases. Decarbonizing these sectors is a priority to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and reach carbon neutrality by 2050. In Europe and Japan, hydrogen produced from carbon-free sources is increasingly seen as one of the solutions that will help decarbonize these sectors. Projects using hydrogen as an alternative fuel are developing in various areas, including the energy-intensive…

September 07


This webinar targets European companies seeking to put, administratively, everything in place before exporting to Japan.

July 09


Institute of Energy Economics, Japan& EU-Japan Centre for Industrial CooperationJoint webinar~ New trends in the European electric power business-Suggestions for Japan-~In this webinar, three electric power companies from the EU will talk about efforts for renewable energy and the specific business such as, 1) Business utilizing distributed power sources such as renewable energy and storage batteries, 2) Business related to resilience related to volatility of renewable energy and stable power supply, 3) Other new businesses(Digitalization, CCUS = Carbon dioxide Capture…

June 30


30-06-21 | 10:30 - 11:30 AM CETWhat are the procurement activities of Japanese government entities in support of a transfer to a Circular Economy and does this offer opportunities for EU SMEs?A wide range of activities are undertaken by the Japanese government to deal with environmental challenges such as climate change, global warming and environmental pollutions. The transfer to a Circular Economy is regarded as one of the ways to deal with these challenges. While balancing a variety of interests, governments have various means at their disposal to support their policy…

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28-09-21 | 10:30 - 11:30 AM CETWhat are the opportunities for the EU SMEs in the Japanese frozen food and ice cream market?Over time, Japan’s frozen food market is showing a growing trend. However,…
29-09-21 | 10:30 - 11:30 AM CET What are the procurement activities of Japanese government entities in support of the development of the digital economy and does this offer opportunities for EU SMEs…


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