About IT & Society 5.0

 Latest update: April 2022 

Technological advances have brought about a change known as the fourth industrial revolution that today is driving the digitalization. In this context, Japan has developed the initiative of Society 5.0, a super-smart society that merges the physical and digital spaces with the contribution of innovations in science and technology.

EU-Japan Centre, Society 5.0 Strategy in Japan, 2018

From economy to social structures, every aspect of the human society will be deeply affected by the ramping digitalization. For example, Augmented Reality will change the perception of what we see in the real world, or payment will be made outside of bank authority thanks to blockchain technology. With the introduction of all those new technologies in society, Japan is assessing the possibility provided by those developments.

The 2021 G20 Digital Ministerial Meeting emphasized this idea that digitalization is occurring in all areas, even public entities, and that the future society will be human centered but with data flow ensure by new technologies emerging around the world.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Results of G20 Digital Ministerial Meeting, 2021


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Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • IT-Related Policies & Society 5.0 strategy
  • Regulations
  • IT Market
  • Technology Trade
  • Internet & Mobile Phone Use
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