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In this section, you will find a selection of market reports, fact sheets and publications drawn up by industry experts. This page will be regularly updated and we encourage you to return for future developments.

Report: Cross-cultural awareness and the importance of corporate culture
This report focuses on the link between a strategic company plan for business with Japan, and the cross-cultural differences (business and private) between the home market and Japan.
Case study - Abbeal
Abbeal is a French start-up specialized in web and mobile development consultancy. They recently expanded their business and met quite a big success in Japan.
Report: Honey Market in Japan
What opportunities does the Japanese honey market offer to EU SMEs?
Report: Export & Import EU-Japan Trade data 2022
The report focuses primarily on the balance of trade between Japan, the EU and its constituent Member States in 2022.
Case study - Treefrog
TreeFrog Therapeutics is a French biotechnology company specialized in cell therapy. In April 2022, it announced the opening of a lab in Kobe, Japan, with the aim of establishing strategic alliances with key academic and industrial players in the field of regenerative medicine.
Report: Fintech Market in Japan
What business opportunities does the Japanese Fintech market offer to EU SMEs?
Report: Understanding Japanese Firm Longevity
How do Japanese firms consistently survive and become some of the oldest firms in the world?
Case study - SOCKSSS
SOCKSSS is a young Swedish company specialized in the fashion of socks. Whereas many larger companies failed in Japan, SOCKSSS already makes 5-7% of their turnover in Japan and their made in Japan style socks amount for 20% of their global turnover.
Report: The Beer market in Japan
Japan is the world’s 7th largest consumer of beer. A late comer in the market, two of its largest manufacturers are today among the best and largest players worldwide.
Report: How to Draft a Distribution Agreement and Agency Agreement with Japanese Partners
This report provides with the appropriate tools to choose between an Agency or a Distribution Agreement when doing business with a Japanese partner. It also provides the specific terminology (kanji) to distinguish between Distributor and Agency.
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